Kākoʻo Student Support


Location:  Testing and Learning Center Building (TLC)
Phone: 808.984.3359
E-Mail: uhmc.kakoo@360cool.net

Kākoʻo is available online or in-person

Kākoʻo Peer Tutor Appointments

STAR Balance is our scheduler that connects you with academic counseling, tutoring, and other support services. Students will be able to see available time slots and book appointments in STAR Balance. Appointments take place in person at the Testing and Learning Center or via Zoom.

(The link below will redirect you to login to Star Balance Appointments)

Make an Appointment

How to schedule an appointment with a Tutor

Tutors are available to meet with you in-person or online.

  1. Login to STAR Balance via star.360cool.net/appointment/
  2. Select “Tutoring, Tech & Learning Centers” from the left navigation pane
  3. Select “全球网赌十大网站 Kakoʻo Support”
  4. View the available time slots and select the time you would like to make an appointment.
  5. Complete the pop-up form with information about your tutoring appointment.
  6. Check your Hawaii.edu email for your appointment confirmation.

In-Person appointments will be in Library 101 at the 全球网赌十大网站 campus. Online appointments will be on Zoom. Starting February 17, 2024, in person tutoring will be at the TLC building.

Tutors Availability and Subject Areas

Kākoʻo on UH Maui College


The University of Hawaii Community Colleges offers free online, on-demand tutoring, through Tutor.com. Tutors are always available, even late at night when your instructor or TA may not be. Stuck on a problem? Want someone to review your paper? This tutoring service is easy to use and can be accessed on any device that connects to the internet. The campus provides each registered student up to 600 minutes of access per semester.

(The link below will redirect you to login to Star Balance Appointments)

Access Tutor.com thru your UH Username